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Yasmin's Arte November 2020: Embracing Florida's Seasonal Shift



Delve into the November 2020 edition of 'Yasmin's Arte' – 'The End of Summer,' a 73-page tribute to the subtle yet beautiful seasonal transition in Florida. This issue is a celebration of life's cycles, captured through two mesmerizing photo sets that evoke the essence of change and natural beauty.


What Makes This Issue a Must-Have:


  • Beach Day Reverie: The first set takes you to a cool, cloudy beach day, where I begin in a blue thong bikini, reveling in the seaside ambiance. As the set progresses, I switch to a white button shirt paired with black bikini bottoms, playfully capturing the act of undressing. The images tell a story of liberation and joy, as I immerse myself in the water and relax on the sandy shores, embracing the beach's tranquility and solitude.

  • Forest Nymph Fantasy: The second set transports you to a forest setting, where I embody the spirit of a forest nymph. Amidst the changing colors of the trees, I'm captured naked, celebrating the beauty of the natural world. Each pose is a depiction of harmony with the environment, highlighting the playful and mystical aspects of my connection with the forest.


'Yasmin's Arte - The End of Summer' is an ode to the beauty of life's transitions. It invites you to appreciate the simple yet profound changes in our surroundings, from the beach's serene solitude to the forest's enchanting allure. This issue is a perfect addition for those who cherish the art of nude photography and the poetic rhythm of nature.


Enhance your collection with this captivating issue and join me in celebrating the end of summer with beauty and grace.


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