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Yasmin's Art Collection

A Realm of Sensual Elegance

Begin an exquisite journey by owning a piece of my art, each creation a gateway to an intimate connection. As you start your collection, you're not just acquiring images; you're embracing fragments of my soul, each piece resonating with unique emotions and stories. My art offers more than visual splendor; it's an invitation to share a deep, personal bond with me, to experience and cherish the sensuality and raw beauty that each work embodies. Let my creations be your escape, your inspiration, and a reflection of our shared appreciation for the art of the body.

Own a Piece of Timeless Artistry

Discover the allure of framed and printed art. Each piece, a story woven in shadows and light, is ready to find a place in your collection. Browse through our curated selection of available works and select the one that whispers to your soul.

Framed and Printed Art for Sale

Transform your artistic vision into reality with our Custom Prints and Commissioned Art service. Whether it's bringing an existing piece from my collection to life in your preferred size and medium, or collaborating on a completely bespoke artwork crafted to your specifications, the possibilities are endless. Choose from paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic, framed or unframed, and let your imagination guide the creation. From intimate poses to specific settings, these personalized art pieces offer a unique opportunity to connect deeply with my work, making you a part of the creative process.

Custom Prints and Commissioned Art

Step into my Online store for a treasure trove of limited edition prints, back issues of my digital magazine, and other exclusive digital art pieces. Each item, a fragment of my artistic journey, awaits to add a touch of sensual elegance to your world.

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Latest Collection

In "Embrace of the Sun," Yasmin's art transcends mere imagery to become a symphony of light and shadow. This black and white photograph, masterfully printed on sleek metal, captures a moment of pure, uninhibited connection with nature. Yasmin, laying nude by the pool, arches her back in a graceful yet powerful gesture, embodying a sensual harmony with the elements.

Every curve of her form is caressed by the sun's gentle touch, evoking a sense of freedom and vulnerability. The choice of black and white tones deepens the emotional resonance, stripping away the distractions of color to focus on the raw beauty of the human form in its most natural state.

This piece, previously showcased in an esteemed art gallery, invites the observer into a world where nature and the human spirit intertwine. It is a celebration of sensuality, a tribute to the emotions conveyed through Yasmin's body, and a testament to her ability to harness and share the most intimate of human experiences. "Embrace of the Sun" is not just a photograph; it is an invitation to explore the depths of emotion and beauty that reside within us all.

Embrace of the Sun

Medium: Fine Art Photography on Metal

Size: 16X24


"Serenity on the Lake" is a captivating acrylic print that eloquently expresses the serene bond between the human form and the tranquil embrace of nature. This color photograph features Yasmin, sitting nude in a canoe, her back gracefully turned towards the camera, symbolizing a deep, introspective journey.

Captured on a beautifully foggy morning, the image is a masterpiece of mood and atmosphere. The misty ambiance envelopes the scene, creating a sense of intimacy and isolation. Yasmin's presence is both bold and harmonious, as she becomes one with the peaceful lake around her. The soft light of dawn, filtering through the fog, accentuates the contours of her form, highlighting the natural elegance and sensuality inherent in the human body.

This artwork is more than a photograph; it's a meditation on the beauty of stillness and the quiet power of nature's embrace. The reflective surface of the acrylic enhances the depth and vibrancy of the colors, drawing the viewer into a moment suspended in time. "Serenity on the Lake" invites us to reflect on the purity of being at one with nature, embodying the peacefulness of a soul in harmony with the world.

Serenity on the Lake

Medium: Color Photography on Acrylic

Size: 16X24

Confidence in Bloom

Medium: Color Photography Print on Museum Quality Paper with Frayed Edges

Size: 17x21 inches Presentation: Floating Framed


"Confidence in Bloom" radiates the essence of self-assured femininity and the allure of natural beauty. In this enchanting scene, Yasmin is captured sitting nude at an outdoor café, her body language a testament to relaxed confidence and grace. With her legs elegantly stretched out and her feet nonchalantly resting on the table, she is the epitome of serene poise as she enjoys a cup of tea. Her only adornment, a springtime hat, complements the lush pink flowers that envelop her, creating a harmonious blend of human allure and natural splendor.

This photograph goes beyond mere imagery; it's a narrative of boldness set in a public space, a celebration of the joy found in life's simple pleasures. Yasmin's nude figure, unencumbered and unashamed, challenges societal norms, inviting onlookers into a world where confidence blooms as freely as the flowers that surround her.

"Confidence in Bloom" is not just a visual feast; it's an invitation to delve into a story of courage, sensuality, and the freedom of living authentically. The floating frame accentuates the print's elegance, making it a striking piece that captures the essence of a moment both timeless and boldly contemporary.

"Whispers of Passion" is a captivating 16x20 inch color canvas print that masterfully blurs the line between photography and painting. In this intimate scene, Yasmin is seen seated on a bed, adorned in a sheer white gown that reveals her form in a display of understated elegance. The gown, translucent and delicate, enhances the romantic and ethereal quality of the image.

Her expression, soft and innocent, suggests a deep immersion in the sensual world of the book she reads. The look on her face is one of introspection and quiet ecstasy, as if she is lost in the passion of the words, experiencing each emotion they evoke. The observer is drawn into this private moment, feeling almost as though they have intruded upon something intensely personal, yet unable to look away.

The setting of the photograph adds to its allure. The bedroom, a traditionally private space, becomes a stage for this display of vulnerability and beauty. The gentle lighting and the composition of the shot give the entire scene a painterly quality, lending an air of timelessness and romance.

"Whispers of Passion" is more than just a photograph; it's a window into a world of delicate sensuality and profound emotion. It invites viewers to contemplate the beauty of a moment captured in time, a moment of solitude filled with the rich inner life of the subject. This artwork is a testament to the power of the human form and spirit to convey deep, unspoken narratives.

Whispers of Passion

Medium: Color Photography on Canvas

Size: 16x20 inches

Landscape of Passion

Medium: Color Photography on Metal Size: 13x23 inches


"Landscape of Passion" is a striking 13x23 inch color photograph printed on metal, showcasing the captivating interplay of form, light, and emotion. In this composition, Yasmin is portrayed lying nude against a stark white backdrop, her body forming a mesmerizing landscape of natural curves and contours.

With her back gracefully arched and knees delicately bent, Yasmin's petite form speaks volumes about the depth and intensity of passion that can reside within a small frame. Her body, displayed in all its natural elegance, resembles a terrain waiting to be explored – each curve, a hill; each line, a pathway.

The allure of this artwork lies not only in the physical form it captures but also in the expression conveyed. Yasmin's eyes hold a look of deep enjoyment, almost as if she is lost in the appreciation of an observer's gaze traveling across the landscape of her body. This interaction creates a dynamic between viewer and subject, where the act of observation becomes part of the artwork itself.

Printed on metal, the image takes on a luminous quality, with the play of light and shadow accentuating the beauty of Yasmin's form. The simplicity of the white backdrop ensures that all focus is drawn to the subject, highlighting the natural beauty and sensuality of the human body.

"Landscape of Passion" is more than a photograph; it is an exploration of the human form as a source of beauty and emotion. It invites viewers to appreciate the subtlety of curves and the power of expression, encapsulating the idea that even in a small frame, immense passion and beauty can reside.

"Island Pulse" is a vibrant 13x19 inch color photograph printed on metal, capturing the essence of an island spirit and the allure of the natural world. In this stunning image, Yasmin is seated on the beach, her backdrop a strikingly bold blue sky that contrasts beautifully with the earthy tones of the sand.

Adorned in a wet, unbuttoned white shirt that has become sheer from the water, Yasmin embodies the freedom and raw beauty of an island girl. The shirt clings to her form, highlighting her natural curves, while the transparency adds a layer of sensuality and allure. Sand in her hair and the casual, uninhibited pose contribute to a scene that is both organic and enchanting.

Yasmin's eyes carry a look of deep desire, reflecting a connection to the island and the ocean that is both profound and personal. The photograph speaks not just of her Cuban heritage and comfort in her own skin, but also of the passion that the waves and the vastness of the ocean inspire in her. The element of water, a powerful symbol of life and movement, complements her presence on the beach, creating a dynamic interplay between subject and environment.

Printed on metal, the colors of the photograph are enhanced, making the scene even more vivid and lifelike. "Island Pulse" is more than a depiction of a moment; it is an invitation to experience the raw energy and sensuality of a world where the rhythms of nature and the human spirit are in perfect harmony.

Island Pulse

Medium: Color Photography on Metal

Size: 13x19 inches

"Veiled Fantasy" is a deeply evocative 26x30 inch print that marks a pivotal moment in Yasmin's journey as a nude model – her first image ever accepted into an art gallery. This exquisite piece is more than a photograph; it's a fine art creation that blurs the line between reality and imagination.

In this captivating image, Yasmin's nude torso is delicately draped in a sheer black veil, which adds a layer of mystique and sensuality to the composition. The veil, while revealing the contours of her form, also leaves much to the imagination, creating a tantalizing interplay of seen and unseen.

Set against a fantasy backdrop that enhances the ethereal quality of the piece, the photograph takes on the characteristics of a fine art painting. The backdrop, dreamlike and surreal, complements Yasmin's expression – one of deep daydreaming, as if she's lost in a passionate fantasy. This expression invites viewers to ponder the thoughts and dreams that might be playing through her mind, adding a layer of intrigue to the artwork.

The framing and matting of the print serve to highlight its elegance and the significance of the piece in Yasmin's artistic journey. "Veiled Fantasy" is a testament to the transformative power of art and the human form, capturing a moment of introspection and imaginative exploration. It invites the observer into a world of beauty, passion, and dreams, leaving a lasting impression of wonder and enchantment.

Veiled Fantasy

Medium: Framed and Matted Print

Size: 26x30 inches


"Sunset Silhouette" is a striking 16x20 inch metal print that encapsulates the essence of strength, confidence, and the captivating beauty of the natural world. In this powerful image, Yasmin is seen at the beach during sunset, her figure set against a backdrop of a fire-red sky and passing clouds, as the sun makes its majestic descent below the horizon.

Yasmin, wearing bikini bottoms and a sheer black shirt, stands with her back arched and chest thrust boldly forward, a pose that exudes sexual strength and unapologetic confidence. The sheer fabric of her shirt adds a layer of allure and sophistication, while her posture and expression convey a sense of power and self-assuredness.

Her hair, naturally curly, flows with the gentle sea breeze, adding a dynamic element to the composition. The contrast of her petite form against the vastness of the sky and the ocean highlights the theme of the artwork – the immense presence and impact that can be embodied in a small, but fiercely confident figure.

The choice of metal as the print medium enhances the vibrancy of the sunset colors, creating a visual experience that is both immersive and emotive. "Sunset Silhouette" is not just a celebration of the human form; it's a tribute to the inner strength and bold spirit that Yasmin embodies. It invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of confidence and the power of embracing one's sexuality with pride and poise.

Sunset Silhouette

Medium: Metal Print Size: 16x20 inches


Thank you for your interest in my art. I am delighted that you have found a piece that resonates with you. To proceed with your purchase, please complete the form below. This will enable me to calculate the shipping and handling costs for the artwork you have selected. All pieces are carefully packaged and shipped from Florida, ensuring they reach you in pristine condition.

After you submit your details, I will calculate the shipping and handling charges and send you an invoice through Quickbooks. This process ensures a safe and secure transaction for your peace of mind. Upon receipt of your payment, your chosen artwork will be dispatched immediately. Please note that all sales are final. Your support and appreciation of my work mean the world to me, and I am committed to making your acquisition experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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