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Yasmin's Arte May 2020: Quarantine Edition - Sensuality at Home & Sexy Solitude



Delve into the unique 'Quarantine Edition' of 'Yasmin's Arte' for May 2020, a special issue that captures the essence of sensuality and resilience during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This 74 page edition is an artistic reflection of life in isolation, showcasing two captivating photo sets.


Highlights of This Must-Have Issue:


  • At-Home Sensuality: The first set is a vibrant celebration of passion and sensuality amidst the confines of home life during quarantine. It's a visual journey through my everyday activities, all captured nude – from the tranquility of sleeping in bed, the simplicity of enjoying a coffee, to the routine of showering, gardening, and exercising. These images resonate with the idea that confinement cannot diminish the innate sensuality and beauty of life.

  • Container Yard Allure: The second set contrasts this domestic intimacy with a daring and sexy photoshoot at a container storage yard. Donning fishnet stockings and surrounded by industrial solitude, this set illustrates that despite isolation, our inherent sexiness and allure remain unbridled. It's a bold statement on how our essence cannot be confined, even in the most unusual of settings.


'May 2020: Quarantine Edition' of 'Yasmin's Arte' is more than a magazine; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of beauty and sensuality under any circumstance. It’s a must-have for anyone who appreciates the fusion of artistic photography with the raw realities of life during an extraordinary time.


Add this unique edition to your collection and be inspired by the resilience of the human spirit, expressed through the art of nude photography.


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