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Yasmin's Arte July 2020: Body Art - Celebrating the Human Form



Immerse yourself in 'Yasmin's Arte - Body Art,' the July 2020 issue that elevates the celebration of the human form to an art form. Across 67 pages, this issue unfolds through three distinct sets, each uniquely showcasing the body's beauty, agility, and expressiveness.


Why This Edition is a Must-Own:


  • Yoga by the Pool: Begin with a serene and powerful set of nude yoga poolside. Witness the harmonious blend of mind, spirit, and body as I am captured in various yoga poses. From stretching limbs gracefully to performing inversions and meditating, each pose is a testament to the elegance and strength of the human form in motion.

  • Black and White Bodyscapes: The next set delves into the artistry of black and white photography. Starting in a t-shirt and jeans, I transition to nudity, allowing the interplay of shadow and light to sculpt and accentuate the contours of my body. These bodyscapes are a captivating exploration of form, texture, and the subtle nuances of light.

  • Playful Poolside Moments: The final set brings a lighthearted and joyful tone as I return to the pool. Here, the focus is on the joy and freedom of the body in play. This set celebrates the uninhibited pleasure of enjoying one’s body in a fun, unrestricted environment, capturing the essence of spontaneity and happiness.


'Yasmin's Arte - Body Art' is not just a magazine; it's a visual ode to the human body. It's an invitation to appreciate the beauty in movement, the subtlety of light and shadow, and the uninhibited joy of being. This issue is a celebration for those who cherish the artistry of the nude form and the diverse expressions it can take.


Add this unique edition to your collection and let yourself be inspired by the profound and playful expressions of the body as art.


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