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Yasmin's Arte December 2020: Festive Spirits and Winter Wonders



Step into the holiday season with 'Yasmin's Arte - The Holiday Edition,' a 64-page December 2020 issue that captures the essence of festive celebration in the city, the natural splendor of Sedona, Arizona, and the cozy charm of home during Christmas. This issue is a delightful blend of urban chic, natural beauty, and intimate home settings, perfect for the holiday enthusiast.


Why This Issue Sparkles with Holiday Joy:


  • City Festivities Unveiled: The first set takes you on an urban adventure, featuring me in a vibrant pink pant suit amidst the bustling downtown scene. Playful and chic, I flash a hint of holiday cheer in the parking garage, between office buildings, and amidst the city traffic. The images capture the spirit of the season with a twist, as I walk barefoot, jacket open, embracing the city's festive energy.

  • Sedona's Natural Magic: Journey next to the breathtaking landscapes of Sedona, Arizona. This set is a visual diary of my stay at an amazing AirBnb, where I pose nude, celebrating the stunning natural backdrop. Each photograph is an ode to the serene beauty of Sedona, blending the magic of the season with the awe-inspiring scenery.

  • Christmas at Home: The final set invites you into the warmth of my home as I decorate my Christmas tree. Dressed in sheer white lingerie, I gradually reveal my nude form, encapsulating the magic and intimacy of the holiday season. It’s a personal and enchanting portrayal of Christmas traditions, filled with joy and a touch of sensuality.


'Yasmin's Arte - The Holiday Edition' is more than a magazine; it's a festive journey through different landscapes and moods of December. It’s perfect for those who love the combination of artistic nude photography and the enchanting ambiance of the holiday season.


Add this edition to your collection and immerse yourself in the festive spirit, captured through the artistic lens of nude photography.


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